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Black Book collects ballot results on 18 performance areas of operational excellence to rank vendors by software, systems, products, equipment and outsourced service lines. Client users submit ballots per vendor per function which are juxtaposed with client size, functions outsourced, software installed, systems employed, services rendered, industry/vertical(s) affected, country of service origin and overall service and/or product line domain.

The gathered data is subjected immediately to an internal and external audit to verify completeness and accuracy and to make sure the respondent is valid while ensuring the anonymity of the client company is maintained. During the audit, each data set is reviewed by a Black Book executive and at least two other external reviewers. In this way, Black Book report clients are able to clearly see how a vendor is truly performing. The 18 criteria on operational excellence are subdivided by the client's industry, market size, geography and software category/function outsourced and reported accordingly.

Strategic Alignment of Vendor Offerings to Healthcare System Client

Innovation & Optimization


Client Relationships And Cultural Fit

Trust, Accountability, Ethics And Transparency

Breadth Of Offering, Varied Client Setting, Delivery Excellence Across

Deployment And Implementation


Integration And Interfaces, Interoperability And Connectivity

Scalability, Client Adaptability, Flexible Pricing

Vendor Staff Expertise, Compensation And Employee Performance


Brand Image And Marketing Communications

Marginal Value Adds

Vendors Financial Viability And Managerial Stability

Data Security And Backup Services

Support And Customer Care

Best Of Breed Technology And Process Improvement Developments