Frequently Asked Questions

What does Black Book do?

Do your peer researchers and analyst firms employ qualitative criteria or is Black Book unique in that process?

Do your peer researchers and analyst firms contain disclaimer and no liability waivers to their buyers and readers?

Is all Black Book research original or is it aggregated from other researchers?

Is your director of finance still employed at Black Book?

Is Black Book an analyst organization or a customer experience surveyor?

Do vendors pay an evaluation fee to be included in Black Book surveys or to promote their rankings?

Do vendors have to pay to promote their Black Book rankings?

How can I contact a Black Book survey manager?

How is Black Book changing in 2020 to improve the way market research firms provide transparent, competitive vendor data to subscribers?

How does Black Book attract a higher participation rate in surveys from hospitals and physicians than its peers?

How does Black Book manage to remain unbiased?

What professional market research organizations does Black Book belong to?

Does Black Book ever engage participation through panels?

What are the key performance indicators for healthcare it vendors?

How many market surveys does Black Book produce annually?

How does crowdsourced independent client experience surveying differ from other researchers that receive client lists directly from vendors and interviewing those vendors’ pre-selected customers?